[Webinar] Coping in a Crisis

We are in unprecedented times. Life has been disrupted on all levels for everyone. The fear, anxiety, anger and isolation can be overwhelming.

In this webinar, I want to open the conversation about how you are dealing with it and offer strategies you can use - in the moment - to reboot the anxiety, fear and anger.

Whether it is the Corona-virus or another event that comes along and disrupts your routine, you will learn techniques that will help to build your resilience and buffer you from the stress reaction.

  • Why managing your fear, anxiety and anger is ESSENTIAL to prevent health issues later
  • Learn breathing techniques used by Navy Seals to refocus
  • Learn strategies you can use in minutes to reset your emotions
  • Identify what you can control and what to do when you feel like you are losing it
  • What to do when other people's anxiety or fear is getting to you

Download Coping in a Crisis Guide

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