[Video] Breathe Deliberately: Getting to Neutral

The stress reaction hijacks perspective and can hold us hostage and prevent us from seeing things clearly.

Breathing is your first line of defense against the primitive survival reaction of the stress response.

Getting to neutral does not mean, indifferent, it means you are not charged up and emotionally biased because of an active stress reaction, that shuts down perspective. Instead you are neutral, open and able to evaluate the situation without bias. Think about your car, when it is in neutral, the engine slows down and the RPM's are reduced. The car's engine is ready to go and will function more efficiently.

In this 24.12 minute video you will learn several breathing techniques along with the science behind these deceptively simple, yet, powerful approaches.


Getting to Neutral Instructions

Download the instructions, keep them handy to remind you to breathe deliberately and breakthrough your primitive survival instinct!

Getting to Neutral is an exercise developed by the Institute of Heartmath who has extensively researched the intelligence of the heart and its role in transforming the stress reaction.  Dr. Cynthia Howard is a licensed Heartmath trainer and practitioner.

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