Using Visualization in Your Day

[Audio] Using Visualization in Your Day

The more you use visualization, the easier it is to focus in every aspect of your life. Visualization is the conscious and deliberate use of your mind to control your thoughts.  Visualization is a great way to accelerate your goals.

Visualization has helped millions of people. It is  the most powerful tool for achievement you will ever use. That is a bold statement, however if you listen to anyone who has ever accomplished a great feat, they will say, they saw it first in their mind.

As you imagine the scenario of your desire you are rehearsing the  event and bringing about success. Salespeople, musicians, actors, athletes, any one who has desired success has used visualization.

The benefits of using visualization are many. It is one of the tools that will translate into success.

Why is it so successful?

Our brain naturally functions in imagery. When we first learned the alphabet, our brain saw symbols and images and as we continue to learn today we learn in images, not just pictures, but auditory images – sounds that can be loud booming sounds and soft whispers… and even visceral images gut feelings are understood by our body.

We all learn in images. I am suggesting you use this power deliberately – on purpose to achieve your goals.

Listen to the 5 minute audio

by Dr. Cynthia Howard on using visualization in your day.

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visualization show up at your best

One of the complaints I hear from those who struggle with using visualization is, “I cannot see pictures in my mind.”  While you can develop your ability to ‘see’ pictures in your mind, it is not essential to being successful in using visualization.


Visualization is the ability to experience your desired outcome, as if it were happening right now.


This may include a visual image, more likely, it is the feeling of having accomplished your goal. As you think about what you want, what does it feel like in your body, what are you telling yourself as you experience this goal? Focus your mind on the outcome you want, rather than on the challenges that are showing up.

Define your desired outcome and enjoy the process!

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