Toolkit Journaling: 30 Day Program

Obtain Your Certificate

2The Mindset Difference
3Fatal Emotions
4Set Your Goal
5Affirmation Card Deck
6Color Your Stress Away
7Essential Oil of Lavendar
8Preparation to Write
9Typical Day (Day 1 - 2)
10Expectations (Day 3 - 6)
11Comfort Zone (Days 7-10)
12Body Scan (Day 11)
13Your Thoughts (Days 12-15)
14Face the Elephants (Day 16-17)
15The Energy of Success (Day 18-25)
16Strengths & Failures (Day 26-29)
17Day 30 What's Next?


Your course is completed once all objectives are checked off. When that happens you will see a 'Download Button,' click that and your certificate will show up (as a pdf) with your name printed on it!