Toolkit: 30 Day Journaling Program

1Go to p. 70 in your journal and practice this technique. Listen to the 6.49 minute audio.
2Listen to the 4.06 audio, Body Scan, Part 2 and go to your journal p. 71 and write out what happened in your conversation with this body part.

Day 11: Body Scan

This technique is useful and very powerful. In the Journaling toolkit, I have talked about how our body holds on to emotions that do not get expressed, resulting in irritability, tension and body aches. This contributes to fatigue and negativity if you do not clear out your body.

Use this process, 3-5x day to build awareness.

Listen to a 6.49 minute audio walking you through the process.

Journal your observations after doing the scan.

Go to Day 11 in Your Journal

The Body Scan is a powerful exercise that brings you into contact with a conversation that may be going on, in your body, and underneath your radar! Go to p. 70 of your journal and write about this experience, after you have done the scan.

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Part 2 of the Body Scan

On p. 71 of your journal, go back to the parts of your body you noticed and have a conversation with them. Ask them what you need to know about this tension.

Listen to Dr. Howard explain in this 4.07 minute audio.

Go to your journal, p. 71 and write out what happened.

RECHARGE! Take 5-7 minutes and color!

Go to your journal, p. 73, and color. Tuning into your body and releasing these emotions that have been split off can be tiring. Use this opportunity to color and recharge!

As you color think about how good it feels to release tension and any conflict or emotions that you became aware of... just like you release a balloon into the air and watch it disappear into the clouds - imagine your emotions being released and disappearing as you color.

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