Toolkit: Journaling for Success

Self Discovery: 21 Questions

One of the barriers to writing in a journal that I hear often is, "I do not know what to write."

Below, I have provided samples of journal prompts to get you started. It is not the question that is important, start with any of them; it is the point of writing. This reflection and writing are opportunities to clarify, fine tune, uncover and drill down on ideas, giving you greater insight into you. And when you focus on questions about you, you begin to uncover hidden potential, strengths and unique attributes that will build confidence and an authentic personal brand.

Audio: Release the Tension

Listen to the audio and when complete, spend 5 minutes writing about the experience, what you feel in your body as a result of the relaxation, and note any thoughts that may have come up during this short relaxation.

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Journaling is very natural once you allow yourself to "just write." Go through the course, follow the prompts, enjoy the relaxation audios and write it out.

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