Quiz: Do you have a Thrive mindset?

There are 24 hours in a day. 1440 minutes in 8 hours. Time is finite. While managing your time is important, learning to manage your energy will help you get more done and still have something left over for you at the end.

Take the quiz, Thrive or Dive, and see how well you manage your energy.

1. I have clear goals that are meaningful.
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Your body is an energy generating machine. It's very function is to create the energy needed to manufacture hormones and other necessary biochemicals your body needs to have the energy on board to renew, refresh and restore your energy levels.

It requires the right fuel to generate energy. Most of the time people SPEND more energy in the course of their day that they create.

It all boils down to what you EAT, DRINK, and THINK.

Check out the course, 5 Steps to Manage Your Attention.

Activity Tracker


Keep this log for a week, track your energy with each activity. It can be very revealing.