Build High Performing Teams

 “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” Michael Jordan

Build a Team that Works

High performing teams recognize they are only as good as their ability to collaborate, and not because of a one or two strong members. Great teams are not based on 'chemistry;' it requires a strategy to build effective teams.

Researchers at MIT found that the way a team communicates is the critical factor in their performance. The found that great teams had the following characteristics:

  1. Members talked and listened in equal amounts of time. No one dominated or hid.
  2. There was energy. Eye contact, engagement, sharing demonstrated high levels of energy.
  3. The team connected equally with each other and not just the team leader.
  4. Members got together outside of the meeting and brought information back to the team.

As a leader, it is important to understand how to support optimal team performance. Rarely will you find a group of people with the technical skills you need and the right blend of attitude and interpersonal skills.

It requires a strategy and a very clear expectations and communication. This course lays out a plan to help you strengthen your teams performance, and what you, as the leader, can do to nurture your teams into high performance.

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