[OTG] [Video] Strategic Management using the Balanced Scorecard

This OTG training will take you though the Balanced Scorecard as a tool to evaluate growth and plan for the future success of your company or your department.

The scorecard is a visual map that lays out the tangible measures of performance. By integrating the external and internal processes you have an overview of what drives performance. Using this process with your teams helps managers and aspiring managers think strategically. Sharing this with your front line staff helps everyone understand how their effort and work activities impact the overall success of the department/ company.

Watch the 12.10 minute video providing the benefits and value of this process.


Helpful Worksheets

Below are several worksheets to help you at each stage of the process. Remember to join us in the Work Smart Club network where you can ask your specific questions.

Strategic Scorecard

This is a fillable pdf allowing you to enter in your specific information. Be sure to date and name your versions of this for your quarterly and annual review.

Click for a sample card completed for your review.

Strategic Objective Worksheets

Use this worksheet to drill down on the strategic objectives identifying ownership and accountability.

Provide to members of your team you may be mentoring or coaching and help them learn to think more strategically.

Balanced Scorecard Process Worksheets

Use this worksheet to go through each perspective and identify your metrics. Use this in a team meeting and engage everyone in the process.

Balanced Scorecard Fillable PDF

Use this worksheet once you have identified your metrics for each of the 4 perspectives. Circulate this to everyone in the department and use to review progress.

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