Quiz: Procrastination Self Check.

We all procrastinate from time to time. Yet, for about 25% of the population, procrastination is a problem. It interferes with your effectiveness and will erode confidence as you get further behind because of the delays in meeting your deadlines.

Take the Quiz and find out if you are a chronic procrastinator. You will receive suggestions with your results.

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Answer each question using the 1 to 10 scale. 1 means the statement is rarely true. 10 indicates the statement is consistently true.

1. I prepare ahead of time.
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The higher your score, the less you procrastinate.  This is good news! If your score is 75 or lower, you will benefit from the tips on the next page.

Either way, this program will help you manage stress and overwhelm so you can create a system of productivity that works for you.


Is tomorrow your favorite word? 

The first step to changing this self-destructive habit is to acknowledge it. Acknowledge it. It is not necessary to completely understand a habit in order to change it.

The only way to change a habit is to replace it with one that fuels your success, instead of limiting it.

The habit of procrastination can be from over committing among many other reasons. It erodes confidence, challenges work relationships and destroys your ability to influence and persuade, because people cannot trust you will follow through.


Tips to Power Through Procrastination:

  1. Prioritize. Check out the Priority Matrix and organize your tasks according to the 4 quadrants. Be sure to include “tasks” that help you relax and renew.
  2. Take breaks. Set up break times as part of your schedule. You may not “feel” like you need them, however, they will give you the mental energy to sustain your efforts.
  3. Plan. Spend 5-15 minutes at the end of the day setting up your priorities and agenda for the next day.
  4. Celebrate accomplishments. Perfectionism can be a driver for procrastination. Be sure to acknowledge your hard work and accomplishments.


FOCUS. Do one thing at a time, multi-tasking is a myth. It drains your mental resources and increases the amount of time to get anything done.

Check out the post on using the Priority Matrix, in the Productivity section.