Quiz: Are You a Perfectionist?

Ok, truth time – who is waiting for the PERFECT time to start that thing you have been wanting to do?

Do you tell yourself, as soon as I get that training, lose the weight, land the big deal – then I will be able to claim that confidence.

It’s possible you are WAITING patiently, hoping someone will give you permission?

And then there is the “I could not possibly get that  (fill in the blank)  BECAUSE:

Your story.

The fact is, perfectionism is more than a quirk, and it definitely is not the same as having high standards; it is a problem that can lead to more severe mental health issues while stifling confidence and progress.

Depression and even suicide has been associated with perfectionism. Living life in fear that one is not perfect also impacts relationships, when you apply the same rigorous standards to other people in your life.


When you are being driven by perfectionism, it is fear based with an underlying belief you cannot achieve your goals.


When you are striving for personal mastery, you believe in your capability and have committed to being your personal best. The desire to push yourself is not born of fear, instead it is love thatmotivates you.

Not sure if you are a perfectionist?

Asking friends and family can offer up helpful feedback about how you appear to others.

Download the Perfectionsim 360 and get some feedback. Print these out and give one to trusted friends who will give you objective feedback. I know it can be tough to hear, and you may not like it, but I promise you it will spare you weeks, months and even years of struggle against yourself.

Perfectionism can even "feel" good because it seems like you are pushing yourself to be better, however the consequences of making a mistake, can be devastating.

Until you acknowledge it, you cannot find a better way to excel and show up at your best. Make a decision to shift out of perfectionism.

Take the quiz below.

We are here to help you change your story.


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Rate yourself on the following using the 1-10 scale. 1 is almost never and 10 is all the time.

1. I have to be right.
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Perfectionism is epidemic, especially among women. It is not "just a quirk," and can have serious mental health consequences. Not to mention the drain on your momentum and future. Contact Dr. Cynthia Howard for a complimentary consultation. 1:1 Coaching can have a profound positive impact on clearing your self doubt.