Personal Dashboard: Track your Mindset, Energy and Mood

Turn On Potential: Increase Awareness

Keeping this personal dashboard will help you quickly tune in to what is going on internally and help you recognize how your emotions impact your energy. The more you are able to identify your emotions, the more you can adjust your thoughts and actions to align with your desired outcomes.

Your personal dashboard is a visual tool to help you quickly see the impact of stress and pressure. Use this chart to help you increase your self-awareness, so you can make adjustments.


  1.  Start with creating the 3 column chart. In the first column, make a list of descriptors when you are at your peak (full capacity). In the second column list those things that drain your energy (warning lights).  In the third column list strategies that help you stay energized, like drinking more water, exercise, heart focused breathing, mindfulness, etc.
  2. Notice any patterns? What adjustments can you make with your strategies to support optimal performance?
Pers Dash chart

Using the Personal Dashboard

Download the Personal Dashboard

Stress impacts our Mood, Energy and Mindset. This exercise will help you tune into how you are impacted in the course of your day.


  1. Download the form.
  2. Go through each row and identify what you are feeling during different times throughout the day. Follow the worksheet.

Use the dashboard daily for one week and tune in to your internal hot buttons and your emotions. The more emotionally agile you are, the greater impact you will have on your team and the desired outcome.

Your capacity drives your performance and your ability to enjoy your life.

Seeing this chart can help you understand how you operate when you aren’t feeling your best and how that compares to your full potential. When one of these warning lights comes up, you’ll be better prepared to react appropriately and correct your course.

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