OTG: Manage Change

This set of short trainings are on managing change, dealing with uncertainty and staying focused.

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OTG [Video] Managing VUCA: Are You Ready?

By Staff Support | August 8, 2021

This was once considered a “special” circumstance; today it is the state of the environment. As a leader, are you ready? As a department or organization, are you ready? The VUCA concept originated in 1987 and reflects the constant, dramatically-transforming, and unpredictable world.  The term was first used by U.S. Army War College to describe…

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[Webinar] Coping in a Crisis

By Staff Support | March 28, 2021

We are in unprecedented times. Life has been disrupted on all levels for everyone. The fear, anxiety, anger and isolation can be overwhelming. In this webinar, I want to open the conversation about how you are dealing with it and offer strategies you can use – in the moment – to reboot the anxiety, fear…

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