[OTG] Learn to Prioritize: Activity Tracker

Life is busy. In fact, people often think if they are not busy doing something, there must be a problem. And when this happens, busy becomes the goal and accomplishing something tangible and important gets lost under all the activity.

Busy is not always an indication of being productive. It pays to stop for a moment and evaluate what you are busy doing.

The worksheet below will take you through a very simple activity. Doing this may not seem important, yet, in the digital age, you may be working hard, doing things, yet not reaching your goals. This happens easily under these condition of accelerated work and too much information.

This "inventory" of your activity is a simple first step in learning to prioritize.

Activity Tracker

Use this worksheet to evaluate your activities. Are you busy with what is important or bogged down with work you should be delegating?


1.) List your activities

2.) Does that activity align with your goals. Yes/ No.

3.) Rate how energized you are, using a 0-10 scale, 10 being supercharged.

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