OTG: High Performing Teams

This series of resources will help you develop strategies to power up your teams. high performing teams are characterized by consistent performance.

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OTG: Potential Performance Grid

By Cynthia | June 12, 2021

The nine-box performance grid is an assessment tool used by managers to evaluate employee performance and growth potential. The grid will give you a quick visual to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your department’s talent. When used collaboratively with HR or your executive team, you can develop long term strategies to improve your staff.…

Principles of High Performing Teams

Quiz: Principles of High Performing Teams

By c | March 11, 2019

High performing teams recognize their success depends on how well the team relates with each other and not from one or two “star” members. Great teams are not the result from a random selection process, nor are they based on personality and “chemistry.” A high performing team requires a strategy. Researchers at MIT found they…