OTG: Dealing with Conflict

These series of resources will help you manage difficult people and situations. Conflict is expected at work and it pays to have skills to deal with it.

Managing Expectations When You Have a Demanding Boss

Managing Expectations

By Cynthia | March 28, 2021

To manage expectations means you influence someone’s belief about what they expect to happen. At work you have to manage your customers’ expectations, employees and your boss. ¬†Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that smoothly most of the time. There can be many unknowns when delivering your product or service. You need a strategy to manage expectations.…

Working with a Passive Aggressive Coworker

Working with Difficult Co-Workers

By Cynthia | March 28, 2021

Is your co-worker passive aggressive? It’s highly unlikely that everyone likes all of their co-workers, right? There’s always going to be someone who seems to clash with others, no matter what. Unfortunately, in the workplace, we don’t have the luxury of parting ways and moving on without them. We’re stuck with them. And if they…

5 Secrets to Managing Passive Aggressive Coworkers

By Cynthia | March 28, 2021

We have all, at one time or another, encountered passive-aggressive people at work. ¬†And it is possible you may be a little passive-aggressive at times, as well. This can happen when having direct conversations are not acceptable in the culture. If being polite is an unspoken requirement, people are likely to resort to passive aggressive…