Optimism Toolkit

1Watch the 4:46 minute video explaining how optimism can be overdone.

Overdoing a good thing...

Watch the 4.46 minute video on overdoing optimism. Read through your guidebook, pp. 16-17.

Balancing Your Outlook

In this Toolkit, we have been talking about the limitations of being too optimistic by ignoring negative information, such as overdoing optimism instead of recognizing the challenges ahead.  Pessimism actually helps us maintain caution, prudence, and analytic thinking (which are key components to effective decision-making). The goal is not to become only optimistic and never pessimistic; it is about choosing the type of outlook that will be most effective for a given situation.

Some people may falsely believe that the goal of this toolkit is for them to “always think positively”. The truth is positive thinking is not always beneficial; this can be a way to avoid what is going on.