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(Audio) Challenge Your Mindset: Visualization is a Power Tool

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is a natural process, but with today’s distractions and information overload, you may be “visualizing” the wrong things. Increased distraction increases worry, catastrophic thinking and the focus on worst case scenarios. This brings about more confusion in the course of your day and decreases your satisfaction.

Learning to control the focus of your thoughts is a power tool.

That is what visualization is – controlling the flow of your mind and thoughts.

Visualization is the intentional use of your mind to achieve success. 

We will show you how to do this. It takes practice. You are doing it already, but not deliberately.

Chronic stress sets up a fear-based motivation, and you spend time imagining worst-case scenarios or engaging in negative, worrisome thoughts and catastrophic thinking. We now know the brain is plastic, and how you think most of the time becomes your default thinking. When chronically stressed, you can get stuck in negative limited thoughts which quickly become your default perspective. Your brain adapts to the thoughts and activities you most often engage and this becomes your default mode of thinking.

Visualization Exercise: On the Stage

Take a deep breath, relax and listen to the audio walking you through an exercise in visualization. If your mind drifts, bring yourself back to the sound of my voice. (by Dr. Cynthia Howard)



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