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Power Emotions: Learn to Shift Your Emotions

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Power Emotions: Recharge Using This Exercise


The daily grind with a long to-do list, a tsunami of distractions, variety of emotional reactions and the unexpected can cause you to shut down those emotions that restore and renew your energy.

Renewing emotions harmonize your nervous system for optimal performance. Most people need extra help in developing their ability to experience renewing emotions. This exercise will help you do this.

Use the worksheet and work through this. It will help you disrupt patterns in your thinking as well as find ways to recharge your battery by engaging these renewing emotions. By using these tools you are activating resilience and disengaging from the stress reaction. This stops premature aging and increases concentration and focus.

Download Power Emotions Worksheet


Work through the exercise:

The chart below has 10 groups of emotions.


From the group below, choose the group you feel the LEAST during your day. This is on your worksheet. Below is an example of how one person might rank order these emotions.

Possible groups of emotions:

  1. Amused, fun-loving, or silly
  2. Awe, wonder, or amazement
  3. Grateful, appreciative, or thankful
  4. Hopeful, optimistic,  or encouraged
  5. Inspired, uplifted, or elevated
  6. Interested, alert, or curious
  7. Joyful, glad, or happy
  8. Love, closeness, or trust
  9. Proud, confident, or self assured
  10. Serene, content, or peaceful


Write out the 3 LEAST experienced emotions in your day. Choose from the list on the left.

  1. Awe
  2. Wonder
  3. Amazement

Do not judge yourself, simply select the emotions you feel the least.

Now, move on to STEP 3, where you will power up these emotions.

Emotions are designed to flow, how might you extend those positive feelings to include more awe, wonder and amazement?

Use the heart focused tools to engage more of your power emotions.

Step 3: 

Breathe deliberately. Use Gratitude Breathing for 60 seconds. Release frustration and any negative thoughts.

Let your mind wander and jot down ways you can increase the opportunity to experience more of those positive emotions. Your ideas should be true to you. Aim for at least 10 ideas.

Consider the following:

  • Activities that you already do, but could do more often
  • New activities
  • Changing your mindset about current activities



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