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[Audio] Detox Negative Thoughts

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Detox Negative Thoughts


We have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts running through our mind every day. Most of these thoughts are outside our awareness.

These thoughts have an emotional charge, you may feel grumpy, distracted, worried, and not be aware of any thoughts. Without awareness your mood changes setting up a vicious negative spiral.

Negative thoughts are like wild horses, once one horse gets out of the gate, there is a stampede. The initial reaction may be to stop thinking about the negative thoughts. This creates a rebound effect and the thoughts get stronger!

Transform Your Thoughts

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Relax and Re-frame Your Thoughts:

Listen to the audio 3x a week and let your unconscious mind do the work or shifting your thinking.


Stop trying to change your thoughts… replace them with better thoughts.

Rather trying to change your negative thoughts, use affirmations to replace those old limiting thoughts. Use the affirmations in the guidebook to make this switch.



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