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Learn to Focus on Your Strengths

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Focus On Your Strengths


Research shows that focusing on strengths increases productivity and work life satisfaction.

Strengths are defined as those talents that we are good at and that energize us. People who learn to work from their strengths are naturally more engaged, positive and happy.

People that focus on their Strengths:

  • are happier
  • more engaged
  • likely to achieve their goals
  • experience less stress
  • have more energy
  • are more confident

This makes sense when you realize that strengths are those thing we do well and they energize us while we also have learned behaviors that we may also do well, however they do not energize us, they can drain our precious resource of motivation and inspiration.

Many times people are in jobs that are mainly “learned behaviors.” When we rely on these, we end up less enthused and flat at the end of the day.

What about weaknesses?

Weaknesses are those things you may not do well and they drain your energy when engaged. It is a losing battle to focus on weaknesses.

While it is important to acknowledge weaknesses, you do not want to focus on them. Traditional development programs FOCUS on weaknesses and encourage people to seek training to improve. The belief is that by focusing on weaknesses, one achieves success. This has been found to be a myth.

In the Work Smart Club, we take a different approach:

  • Differentiating strengths, areas of improvement and weaknesses.
  • Learn to work from your strengths (rather than making excuses for your weaknesses).
  • Develop those areas of improvement that can become your strengths.


Focus on your weaknesses and you end up with strong weakness. Focus on your strengths and you succeed.


Download the Strengths Inventory

Use the Inventory, click to access, to identify your strengths keeping in mind, these are characteristics that energize you.

Explore Your Strengths

Use this worksheet to highlight those areas that are your strengths. Go through each question; write out your answer.


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