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Emotional Awareness: Feeling Wheel Exercise

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Emotional Awareness


Emotional awareness is a foundation of emotional intelligence (EIi). Not everyone has the same ability to identify specific emotions, why they are feeling them and what they mean. People high in differentiation are able to communicate more detailed emotional experiences, as needed, and have a larger vocabulary to name their emotions.

In contrast, people low in differentiation use only a few general emotional states and often struggle to communicate their feelings in specific terms. This increases the emotional reaction and is a set up for emotional hi-jacking.

Increase Your Emotional Vocabulary

Research has found when you are able to name your emotion, the more control you have over it.

This emotional awareness exercise will help you increase your situational awareness and improve your relationships. Use the feeling wheel to increase your emotional vocabulary.

Download the Wheel:

Spend time reviewing the Feeling Wheel and building your emotional vocabulary. Schedule 3 minutes during your morning or evening reflection/ planning time and review the emotions on the wheel and look back at how many of these emotions you experience and could name.

Download the instructions for Feeling Wheel Exercise





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