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[Audio] Attention Reboot (De-Clutter Your Mind)

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In this age of distraction and multi-tasking, it is easy for your mind to become cluttered and bogged down with details that are not important. This very simple and powerful process will help you regain your attention and re-train your mind to focus.

Ready? It goes like this:

Let’s say you are in a staff meeting. You don’t like being there because it takes time away from finishing up your work. In the past, to avoid feeling the resentment, your mind wandered, and you would think about your next vacation or some place you loved visiting. Rather than being distracted by what is happening internally, you are going to reboot your attention.

To be more present, try this instead.

  1. Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths.
  2. Imagine this is the very first time you have been in the meeting. What do you notice?
  3. Your only job is to observe. Let any thoughts drift away.
  4. What do you notice? How is this different from what you normally notice?

Listen the 2.32 minute audio describing this simple practice:




Now, reflect on this experience in your journal. What did you notice that you had not before?

Use this 3-5x day and you will train your brain to focus more easily. This simple practice s a precursor to mindfulness.

Check out the course, Mindful Leader.

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