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[Video] 100 Day Roadmap: Action Plan to Get More Done

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100 Day Roadmap


There will always be too much to do when you lack clarity about what is most important. I developed the 100 Day roadmap to provide a solution for people who have trouble getting the right things done.

Watch the video as I work through several examples using this map.


Download the fillable pdf 100 Day Roadmap 



How to Use the Roadmap

1. Define your “Desired Goal.”

What do you want to see happen at the end of your 100 days?

2. Set your start date.

 This will be the date you choose to start your 100 days and you will mark the 10 day increments from here.

3. Identify the activities you necessary for the desired outcome.

This is the column on the left hand side. Write out these activities and the dates you want to accomplish them.

4. Progress each milestone across the 100 day map.

Each of the activities will change slightly as you advance toward your 100 day goal. Write in what that evolution looks like and wehen you expect to get there.



When using the roadmap, which is broken into 10 sections, keep your time periods short. The map was created with incremental change in mind; you can quickly identify what works and what doesn’t and make the needed changes. You can also layer a longer time period over the shorter one.

This means you can have a 10 month roadmap that has a longer term outline of what you want to accomplish while still having a 100 day roadmap that covers daily tasks and shorter goals.



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