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Collection of Guided Imagery

Breakthrough Blocks. Relax Your Mind.

The collection of guided imagery on this page has different applications, all designed to reset the frantic mind that never stops.  Our brains naturally think in images, so this is a skill you already know how to do but have blocked it with excess left brain activity like overthinking. The right brain is the restorative part of our brain and it is rarely accessed. Take this opportunity to use these audio files to nourish your brain; you will be more productive and happier!

If you are using the audio for the specific purpose described like confidence or anxiety, you will find yourself in a breakthrough because this bypasses the critical thinking brain that has all of your defense mechanisms that keep you stuck in the same behavior.

To Get Started:

1.) We suggest when listening to these audios that you sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor, unless you are using one of them to help you sleep. The reason is people tend to fall asleep! And even though you will receive benefit, it is ideal when you can access your theta waves, the state just prior to sleep.

2.) Wear headphones whenever possible. Breathe more slowly and deeply than normal to help your body release tension, and let all your thoughts drift out of your mind.

3.) Give yourself 5 minutes after the meditation to write about your experience and any insights you may have had.

4.) Listen to these in a place where you will not be disturbed. Do NOT drive while listening.

Click on the image to access the audio or the post. Some of the links provide a more detailed teaching and others are audio files you can download or listen to.

This short post explains the different brain waves and their significance and introduces you to the power behind using audio to change habits and one’s mindset. (Audio included)

Confidence can be fragile in a world that is volatile and uncertain. This audio can be helpful to support your confidence and own your strengths.

Do you worry too much? Struggle with anxiety? Listen to this audio to help retrain your mind to let go and relax. If you have a habit of worry, then use this meditation to shift out of worry.

Distractions destroy an ideal day. Need help clearing your mind of the daily clutter like worry, self doubt, or fears? Just like when you take out the trash or clean out closets to get rid of things no longer needed, this audio de-clutters your mind.

We have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts running through our mind every day. Most of these thoughts are outside our awareness and they can be negative. Check out this short training on transforming your thinking!

Procrastination can destroy momentum. Listen to this 9 minute  audio and change your habit of mind using guided visualization. The focus is on your personal power, helping you to focus on the positive aspects of your potential.

Click the image to access this short training. This is a 15 second reboot you can use anytime to unhook from distraction or overwhelming emotion.

Click the image to access this short training. This is a 15 second reboot you can use anytime to unhook from distraction or overwhelming emotion.

Check out the collection on the power of visualization ...