Fatal Emotions: Despair & Disappointment

Discouragement. Despair. Drama.

Emotions are hardwired. They all convey information and are designed to flow. I call these the fatal emotions because one can get stuck in any one of these and derail any forward movement.

6 Steps to Go from Discouraged to Determined

The dictionary definition of discouragement is “the act of making something less likely to happen.” When discouragement is allowed to grow into a mood, motivation and momentum are eroded. The erosion can be subtle.

Discouragement shifts to a feeling that “things will never work out.” You may try harder, only to experience more disappointment, or you may give up altogether. Either way, discouragement kills drive.

1.Name it: Whenever you feel disappointment, identify it and take action.

2. Re-frame it: Identify three things that are going well for you.

3. Claim it: Engage the optimist in you and recognize that it is not permanent and things will change. Denial is what makes this emotion fatal, capable of destroying your mojo.

4. Talk about it: (Or, write in your journal.) Find a safe person who will simply listen. At this point, talking it out helps release the heavy emotion. You can find solutions later.

5. Help someone else: The tendency with discouragement is to narrow your focus and think only of your problems. Get out of yourself and reach out to someone in need.

6. Move on: Let it go and focus on your big vision.

Emotional Awareness

Use this chart to identify what you are feeling. Notice how feelings you may be having everyday are draining your precious energy. On the chart, where do you spend most of your energy?


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