[Guide] Emotional Hijacking: Name it & Tame it

Emotions are part of our survival kit and a powerful indicator of well-being. For too many emotions are the black box in the aircraft. you look at them only when there is a crash. In this module you will learn about the power of your emotions and the need to tune in so you can turn on your potential. First let's talk about what happens when emotions get ignored.

The Runaway Stress Reaction

Watch this short (3:40 minute) video on this hijacking response. You will learn what is going on when this primitive survival instinct is triggered.

Name It and Tame It

Did you know that researchers have found when you can name your emotion, you are more likely to control it. There is a direct correlation between emotional awareness and happiness.

Go to your guidebook, starting on p.6 and work through each emotion  Anger • Happiness • Anxiety • Fear • Sadness.

The foundation of emotional intelligence is awareness. Do this reflection activity. It will yield great dividends for you as you interact with people at work and people at home. Knowing what you are feeling and why is important to your success. The more you are aware of what is going on in you, the greater awareness you have of others. This increases your ability to empathize, build trust, relate to others, and adapt to the challenges that show up.


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Emotional Tune-Up: Name it & Tame it

Emotions are part of our survival kit. The more aware you are of what is going on internally, the greater flexibility you have to adapt to what is happening around you.

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