Delegation Toolkit

Listen to the 6.25 minute message on why delegation is important and what you might be doing to stop it.
Take 3 minutes and reflect on what new opportunities may exist for you if you learned to delegate and boost your influence. Write these in your journal.

Why You Need to Learn to Delegate (& What Stops you)


The ability to delegate can seem like a difficult challenge. It requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. It will be worth the effort!

  • Delegating does not come naturally. Tune in when you hear yourself say, “I can do this better myself,” or, “It takes too much time, I might as well do it myself.”
  • Delegating is a set of skills – that can be learned.
  • Delegation is your best way to promotion. It demonstrates you know how to empower your people, and you see yourself as a leader.
  • When you delegate you are highlighting and preparing future leaders; managers with the ability to delegate is a prerequisite to succession planning.
  • Delegation is like cross-training, preparing people to step up in times of emergencies, absences, and other situations one cannot always plan.

To move ahead you want to have time to focus on strategic objectives. To do that, take the time now, make the commitment to you, to learn the skills of delegation.


What new opportunities or promotions are important for your future? What are your goals? Learning to delegate will help you reach that new level. Take a moment and write out what you want to happen in your future.


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