Delegation Toolkit

1Download the Delegation Toolkit Guidebook. Schedule in time to do the reflection exercises.

Learn to Delegate and Have More Impact

Learning to delegate is an underused skill. Many leaders across the entire spectrum from the C suite to the front line supervisor struggle with delegating tasks to other people, so they can focus on their high value activities.

This course takes you through a process to delegate, taking the guesswork out it and increasing your confidence in the process.

Learning to delegate is a must. Not only will it allow you more time and energy for high value activities, but you will develop others on your team which is essential to fill the leadership pipeline.

We will talk about the excuses people use to keep them from delegating, like, “It takes more time,” or, “I can do it better.”

Go to your guidebook, p. 3 and answer the questions.

Delegation Guide

This guide closely follows the online course and provides areas to write, reflect and answer important questions. Download it and keep it handy as you go through the course.

Next take a short quiz and check your comfort with delegating  ...