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The annual membership for the Work Smart Club is your resource for tools, training and tips to energize your leadership. Our library is filled with materials leaders at all levels need, and is refreshed weekly with new material.

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What will happen next:

1. You will receive an email with your login information (password and user name) for the online membership portal.

2. The call schedule and contact info will be provided via email. You can access calls weekly. Recordings are put in the library or in the Facebook group for your review later.

3. Stay connected via email as we send out a weekly email with tips, news, new content and special offers about our resources.

4. You have access to all the assessments with your annual membership. Links to take the assessments will be sent out  via emails. We will have a monthly feature and provide the link; we will announce this in the FB group as well.

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The Work Smart Club is our online Center for Work and Well-Being. Your subscription is for 3 months.

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BONUS COURSE: Work Smart Club Annual Membership

The following course is part of your membership. New courses are added every month.

We have a point system where you can earn points to unlock more material.


Content is added every week to the Work Smart Club. You are now part of the exclusive network! 

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2019 WSC members 812 312