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The Resilient Leader Program is going to power up your leadership and help you transform your reaction to stress. This blended program offers assessment, online training and coaching to help apply everything you learn.

2019 RL Energize toolkit

What will happen next:

1. You will receive an email with your login information for the online portal as well as the assessment access.

2. The link to take the assessment and the details regarding the coaching calls are sent via email.

3. Your material will arrive in the mail, 3 business days USPS.

4. You will have access to Dr. Howard's contact information in your online course.

5. Your password and login details to the online portion of the Resilient Leader program will be sent shortly via email.

BONUS: Work Smart Club Membership

The Work Smart Club is our online Center for Work and Well-Being. You have a complimentary subscription for 1 month.

When you login to your Coaching Program you will go to the Work Smart Club dashboard. Watch the video to learn more about navigation.


Content is added every week to the Work Smart Club. Become part of the exclusive network; join us!

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