Coach for Performance

Watch the 22 minute SWOT Video.
Complete a SWOT for yourself and identify which strengths can balance your weaknesses.

SWOT Assessment

This is another great tool to evaluate your staff, individually and as a group. Having this overview will help you plan ahead for training and development as well as for project strategies.

Watch the 22 minute video outlining the SWOT process.

SWOT Instructions

Download and review. Included is a worksheet and samples. Learn to use the SWOT and you will develop strategic thinking.

SWOT Worksheet

Download copies for yourself and your team members. You can use this once a quarter to help everyone stay focused on what's next for your growth.


Agile, in this usage, means flexibility and adaptability in the face of accelerated demands and increased uncertainty. Think of flexibility as what you do in the moment to deal with the incoming, and adaptability what you do, in the long term to adjust to what has happened. Both are relevant for leaders, and essential, if you want to do more than just keep up.

The SWOT is a great tool to adapt to the demands of today’s leaders and evaluate agility.

Consider the following when evaluating agility:

  • Bottlenecks in implementation, is it smooth or are there delays.
  • The decision processes. How many people does one have to talk with before a decision is made?
  • How long have you been working on the targeted metrics? What keeps you from making better progress?
  • Because time is a resource that cannot be replaced, when one continues to go over and over the same target and miss it, you are also losing opportunities to pursue new business. Time cannot be made up in the digital age.

Go to your workbook, p.20, and list all projects that were abandoned or not completed in a satisfactory manner and any other implementation issues. These are your threats as well as a picture of your agility.

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