Detox Negative Thoughts

Detox Your Thinking!

We have between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts running through our mind every day. Most of these thoughts are outside our awareness.

These thoughts have an emotional charge, you may feel grumpy, distracted, worried, and not be aware of any thoughts. Without awareness your mood changes setting up a vicious negative spiral.

Negative thoughts are like wild horses, once one horse gets out of the gate, there is a stampede. The initial reaction may be to stop thinking about the negative thoughts. This creates a rebound effect and the thoughts get stronger!

Use the audio files in this program on a regular basis. This increases the flexibility of your mind and helps it shift into a new habit of thought.

Give yourself 15 minutes ...

Relax and Re-frame Your Thoughts:

Listen to this audio 3x a week and let your unconscious mind do the work or shifting your thinking. This guided meditation will naturally work with your subconscious mind, the part of you always open to change, to release negative thoughts.

SUPERTIP: We suggest when listening to these audios that you sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor, unless you are using one of them to help you sleep. The reason is people tend to fall asleep! And even though you will receive benefit, it is ideal when you can access your theta waves.

Detox Negative thoughts cover

Stop trying to change your thoughts...

Replace them with better thoughts.

It is an instinct to want to change our thoughts when they become negative, yet, you are only fighting against yourself. When stressed, the brain switches into survival mode and thoughts become more negative. This is how we are hard wired.

Rather trying to change your negative thoughts, replace them. Affirmations can help you with this. Download this guide book and work through this exercise, it will help you see what happens when you try to change your thoughts.

This is a process so give yourself grace... use the audios in this Club, they will gently help you shift into a positive perspective.